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Your invitation to learn with us on the go as we talk to SAP experts, course instructors, and innovative thought leaders.

openSAP Invites you to learn with us on the go. Watch out for episodes with your favorite instructors as we interview them to uncover their own learning habits, discuss their courses, and ask them for additional learning recommendations for you. The series includes specially chosen Thought Leader episodes to highlight a diverse selection of innovative topics to help broaden our learning horizons and keep us inspired.

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Episode 28: Learn Automation Techniques with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) for SAP Software Solutions

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is Red Hat's enterprise IT automation solution that includes everything needed to build, deploy, and manage end-to-end automation at scale.

Published: 1. February 2023 Duration: 0:25:50

Episode 27: Learn the Ropes of Coding with ABAP

Get familiar with key ABAP key concepts like Steampunk and ABAP RESTful application programming model and find out where to start your learning journey.

Published: 28. September 2022 Duration: 0:33:48

Episode 26: Learn SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that combines business intelligence, enterprise planning, and augmented analytics.

Published: 10. August 2022 Duration: 0:24:08

Episode 25: Learn the Basics of SAP ByDesign

Learn about the free openSAP courses and microlearning offerings for SAP Business ByDesign, and what is planned for 2022.

Published: 13. July 2022 Duration: 0:24:59

Thought Leaders Episode 20: Keeping the World Safe Through Online Learning

Global health information dissemination on during epidemics and the COVID-19 pandemic

Published: 15. June 2022 Duration: 0:36:34

Episode 24: Learn How to Improve Your Communication with Sketching for IT Business

Learn how basic sketching skills can improve your communication.

Published: 17. May 2022 Duration: 0:22:14

Episode 23: Learn How SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Can Help Move SAP Workloads to the Public Cloud

Learn about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, the leading Linux platform for hosting SAP workloads, including SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver and SAP S/4HANA.

Published: 20. April 2022 Duration: 0:44:05

Episode 22: Learn How to Speed Up Your Implementations of SAP SuccessFactors Solutions

Learn how to leverage SAP Best Practices and the package configuration manager to significantly shorten the time it takes to implement SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

Published: 30. March 2022 Duration: 0:30:30

Episode 21: Learn How to Communicate Mindfully and with Confidence

Learn how to communicate mindfully and with more confidence.

Published: 26. January 2022 Duration: 0:34:33

Thought Leaders Episode 19: Reimagining an Inclusive Workplace: What Being a Great Dinner Host Can Teach Us About Diversity

Learn from Martina Peskoller-Fuchs why it's so important for us to reimagine the workplace and how to become a better dinner host in the process.

Published: 14. December 2021 Duration: 0:46:50

Episode 20: Learn How to Build Better Products with a Human-Centric Product Backlog

Learn how to build better products with a human-centered backlog that balances human needs with business value and technical feasibility.

Published: 24. November 2021 Duration: 0:37:39

Episode 19: Learn About Building Applications with SAP Business Technology Platform and Microsoft Services

Learn how SAP and Microsoft are enabling you to build applications with SAP Business Technology Platform and Microsoft Services.

Published: 27. October 2021 Duration: 0:43:59

Thought Leaders Episode 18: Discover the Inspiration Behind Coworking Spaces

Learn about coworking spaces, flexible hybrid working models, and the inspiration behind Tink Tank Coworking.

Published: 15. September 2021 Duration: 0:39:32

Episode 18: Learn About Extensibility Concepts Using SAP Extension Suite

Learn about extensions and event-driven extensibility with SAP Extension Suite.

Published: 28. July 2021 Duration: 0:45:44

Episode 17: Learn the Latest on SAP's Climate 21 Initiative

Learn the latest on SAP's Climate 21 initiative and why climate action is relevant for business.

Published: 14. July 2021 Duration: 0:36:40

Thought Leaders Episode 17: How to Provide an Experience That Delights Your Customers

Understand your customer's journey to provide a delightful experience with your brand and drive better results for your business.

Published: 30. June 2021 Duration: 0:48:04

Thought Leaders Episode 16: The Economic (and Human) Power of the LGBT+ Community & Their Allies

Learn how the LGBT+ community and their allies are driving positive results at corporate, societal, and personal level.

Published: 16. June 2021 Duration: 0:49:07

Thought Leaders Episode 15: Pride in the Workplace

Special episode for Pride month focusing on identity, diversity, and community at SAP.

Published: 9. June 2021 Duration: 0:46:51

Thought Leaders Episode 14: How to Inspire and Empower Equality in IT

Learn from Senior Vice President, SAP User Enablement and Managing Director of SAP Labs India how to inspire and empower equality.

Published: 2. June 2021 Duration: 0:41:51

Thought Leaders Episode 13: Augmented Reality for Inclusive Learning Experiences

How to create deeper and more inclusive learning experiences with augmented reality.

Published: 26. May 2021 Duration: 0:49:46

Episode 16: Learn About DevOps & the Benefits for SAP Environments

Learn from SAP experts about the benefits of implementing DevOps in SAP environments.

Published: 12. May 2021 Duration: 0:36:17

Thought Leaders Episode 12: Building Resilience to Succeed and Thrive

Build your everyday resilience and learn to manage stress and overcome self-limiting thoughts.

Published: 5. May 2021 Duration: 0:47:40

Episode 15: Learn About How to Start Building Powerful Chatbots with SAP Conversational AI

Learn how SAP Conversational AI is enabling businesses to transform the user experience with chatbots.

Published: 21. April 2021 Duration: 0:45:12

Thought Leaders Episode 11: Reimagine the Future in a Post-Pandemic World

Learn about the impact of the pandemic on possible future scenarios for digital transformation, education, innovation, health & well-being, supply chain, and retail & commerce.

Published: 14. April 2021 Duration: 0:40:37

Episode 14: Learn About SAP Business Technology Platform with SAP Discovery Center Missions

Learn about SAP Business Technology Platform use cases and gain hands-on experience with SAP Discovery Center missions.

Published: 7. April 2021 Duration: 0:41:16

Episode 13: Learn the Benefits of SAP Fieldglass and its Use Cases

Learn about SAP Fieldglass, its benefits, and key use cases.

Published: 24. March 2021 Duration: 0:34:21

Episode 12: Learn to Define & Execute an Enterprise Integration Strategy with SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology

Learn how to define and execute an ideal enterprise integration strategy.

Published: 10. March 2021 Duration: 0:30:53

Thought Leaders Episode 10: Distant Socializing - Learn How SAP Is Connecting & Protecting Its Workforce

Meet SAP's Head of HR Germany, Cawa Younosi and Head of Diversity and People Programs, Nina Strassner.

Published: 24. February 2021 Duration: 0:50:49

Episode 11: Learn How to Automate & Optimize Processes with SAP AI Business Services

Learn how SAP AI Business Services support you in overcoming complexity hurdles by automizing processes and optimizing your business experience.

Published: 27. January 2021 Duration: 0:30:49

Thought Leaders Episode 9: How to Lead in Tumultuous Times

Learn how to navigate your way successfully through tumultuous times.

Published: 13. January 2021 Duration: 0:42:13

Thought Leaders Episode 8: The Power of Storytelling

Find inspiration to develop your storytelling skills and captivate your audience.

Published: 15. December 2020 Duration: 0:38:06

Thought Leaders Episode 8: The Power of Storytelling

Published: 15. December 2020 Duration: 00:00:00.000:00:00:00.000:00:00:00.000

Episode 10: Why Listening is Important to Design, Shape, and Manage the Employee Experience

Learn why listening is important for designing, shaping, and managing an employee experience that supports a company’s ability to adapt and thrive.

Published: 9. December 2020 Duration: 0:39:05

Episode 9: Learn How to Enhance the User Experience with SAP Fiori

Learn how to enhance and bring intelligence to the enterprise user experience with the SAP Fiori design system and its associated development tools and technologies.

Published: 25. November 2020 Duration: 0:44:02

Thought Leaders Episode 7: AI Assistance in Healthcare

Learn how caregivers are benefiting from AI that extracts the answers they need from lengthy and complex documents.

Published: 11. November 2020 Duration: 0:53:12

Episode 8: Learn How to Program with Snap!

Learn how to program and have fun with the visual, drag&drop programming language Snap!

Published: 28. October 2020 Duration: 0:40:06

Episode 7: Learn how Human Experience Management Shifts the Focus in HR

Learn about Human Experience Management (HXM) and the next phase of HR

Published: 14. October 2020 Duration: 0:40:33

Thought Leaders Episode 6: New Work and Purpose

Learn about the impact of digitalization and COVID-19 on the way we do business and find meaning.

Published: 30. September 2020 Duration: 0:36:14

Episode 6: Learn How Integration and APIs are the Foundation of Intelligent Enterprises

Learn about SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

Published: 16. September 2020 Duration: 0:42:44

Thought Leaders Episode 5: Cultivate a Positive Mindset for Self-Innovation

Learn how to cultivate and nurture a positive mindset for self-innovation.

Published: 2. September 2020 Duration: 0:42:47

Episode 5: Learn How SAP AppHaus Leads Innovation with Technology and Culture

Learn about SAP AppHaus and innovation culture

Published: 19. August 2020 Duration: 0:43:05

Episode 4: Learn How to Build Applications with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

Expert insights on SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

Published: 5. August 2020 Duration: 0:39:45

Thought Leaders Episode 4: Mastering the Art of Lifelong Learning

How to master the art of lifelong learning

Published: 22. July 2020 Duration: 0:45:20

Episode 3: Learn How to Automate Processes with SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Introduction to intelligent software bots to automate your tasks and processes

Published: 8. July 2020 Duration: 0:43:26

Episode 2: Learn How to Innovate Fast on SAP Cloud Platform

Innovate fast on SAP Cloud Platform

Published: 24. June 2020 Duration: 0:36:39

Thought Leaders Episode 3: Our Future – AI Possibilities & Potential

Part three of our AI Mini-Series with founder and CEO of Pryon, Igor Jablokov

Published: 10. June 2020 Duration: 0:39:14

Thought Leaders Episode 2: Pryon – AI Transformation at Work

Part two of our AI Mini-Series with founder and CEO of Pryon, Igor Jablokov

Published: 3. June 2020 Duration: 0:43:35

Thought Leaders Episode 1: Origins of AI – Human Fear & Fascination

In this first episode of our AI mini-series with founder and CEO of Pryon, Igor Jablokov

Published: 27. May 2020 Duration: 0:35:41

Episode 1: Intrapreneurship: Employee-Driven Innovations

In this episode, we’re talking to Christian Friedl, Researcher at the University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria, about the BizMOOC Knowledge Alliance and his role here.

Published: 19. May 2020 Duration: 0:26:07

Episode 0: Teaser

In this teaser episode we speak to the founder of openSAP, Clemens Link, and discover why number 4 is so significant.

Published: 12. May 2020 Duration: 0:19:39